Frequently asked questions

1. Do you have a risk and hazard assessment system in place (SWMS, JSA’s)?

Prestige Pump Rentals places the highest emphasis on Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management when conducting our daily business. Whilst we recognise that legal compliance is regarded as a minimum standard, our objective is to ensure our activities go beyond the minimum statutory regulations. At Prestige Pump Rentals we know that this key objective will only be achieved through the constant promotion of best practice procedures and encouraging a companywide commitment to the implementation of improved work practices. Ensuring that our products and services are ahead of our competitors requires continual improvements and adopting an ‘outside of the box’ approach to challenges as they arise.

2. Do you have an established maintenance system in place for all plant and equipment?

Our commitment is to ensure that all plant and equipment hazards are identified, assessed and controlled as outlined within the Prestige Pump Rentals plant and equipment procedure. To achieve our objective, we Perform risk assessments, involving staff consultation, on all new equipment prior to commencing work; Ensure personnel are trained to operate plant and equipment to manufacturer specifications; Perform all planned and responsive maintenance on plant and equipment to manufacturer specification; Conduct plant and equipment modifications in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and Purchase plant, equipment and parts from reputable registered providers. Full service, testing and tagging, calibration and lifting records are maintained and readily accessed for review.

3. What specifications can we expect when we hire gear from Prestige Pump Rentals?

All Prestige Pump Rentals plant and equipment are maintained to the highest specifications. Where applicable all gear is fitted with E Stops, Battery isolators, reflective tape, fire extinguishers. Environmental controls include self bunded systems, noise reducing canopies and the choice of electric pumps for use in confined spaces. Should your site require any additional items, these can and will be discussed and implemented where practicable.

4. Are you teams fully trained/qualified to perform the tasks at hand?

We constantly assess and review the development needs of our employees.  Identifying training requirements through skills matrices and being notified in advance of expiring licences and qualifications via our cloud based HR management system ensures our personnel are always suitably skilled, compliant with legislative requirements and are working within the requirements of the Prestige Pump Rentals integrated management system. Training is conducted both internally and externally by reputable and established RTO’s.

5. Are inspections and audits performed on your management system?

Workplace Inspections along with Internal and External Audits are how we monitor the effectiveness of our integrated management system. Internal audits and workplace inspections are conducted as per the schedule and external audits have been conducted by Rio Tinto, John Holland and Georgiou to name a few.  Results have always been of a high standard with positive feedback being provided. Any areas of improvement identified are always discussed at management and floor level to ensure all stakeholders have been involved prior to implementing change. Prestige Pump Rentals has no issues with our systems being reviewed.